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29 July 2010 @ 09:38 pm
The Threshold of Infinity.  
Donna Noble waited. For an explanation, if anything. She pondered about all she had been through, with the Doctor, and if this was the last time they would ever meet again. She thought about what the Doctor had once said to her, about destiny drawing them together. Too flippin' right! she muttered to herself. She was grateful to be with him as at least she had someone to be with her, but all the same, she was bored to death. Neither her nor the Doctor knew why she was brought here, where time stood still. And it was beginning to drive them a little bit mad. They talked, and waited, but nothing happened. Years could have passed them by, decades, and still nothing! The Doctor had a brief idea of who was in control, she could tell, but no matter how hard she tried to really talk to him, he wouldn't reveal the most important. As the bride-to-be gazed into space, a shape appeared. A body, cloaked in black. The Doctor stood up and walked towards it, without any hesitation. He advised her to have a wander around while the two talked, which she did, but slowly curiosity grew within her, and Ms.Noble returned to hear half of the conversation...

...If it was not I...Who was it then? My power is great. Extends far and wide across the cosmos and transcends parallel dimensions.

"Your" power? Or someone else's?

The man grinned, well aware that they were both on the same chapter. Donna observed him from afar, terrified of those sunken eyes. "The Trickster", the Doctor named him...

Well well, Doctor. Should I assume you've worked it out?

From the moment I realised the link between me and Donna. She remembered, her mind was burning up...And she woke up here. That wasn't supposed to happen, because that specific moment in time...It's fixed. Like my regeneration.

Very good, well done Doctor! You're not as stupid as you look.

...How long have you known?

It was quite a delight, when I first discovered it. A gap between time and space, a doorway between universes. Oh, the complexity of its design! Outstanding! The perfect creation...For me, don't you think?

The Multi-Spatio-Temporal Hyperlink.

The name you gave it, yes. Whereas I, would rather prefer...The "Threshold of Infinity".

Oooh, that...That -is- a good name...Very catchy...A bit pompous... I can see what you've been doing in your spare time...

And I should thank you Doctor! After all, your people created it.

Sorry, didn't catch you there. I thought for a moment you said that my people created it, -which is, really quite absurd.

He laughed knowingly.

But that's ridiculous! The Time Lords would never create such a thing, -that portal is a mistake. It exists to cause havoc throughout time! That's the one thing they'd never dream of doing. That's an example of why I was banished from my own planet.

Perhaps, its existence was not intentional, but I promise you Doctor, this is the gift the Lords of Time have left behind. A gift, intended for me.

Who made you the judge of that?!

Chaos lies at the heart of it all, the End of Time. A planet, locked in time itself to only emerge and collide with another...That's chaos. The Threshold of Infinity was born out of the chaos Lord Rassilon created. Just imagine! Just imagine what I could do with this!

Living hell.
The Doctor said in disgust.

-I relish from it. You and the Noble child, that was merely practice! That's only the start! There is so much more I can do now, so much more. 

You bring us here, and what then?! An agreement? I tell you what; I never will.

And your friend?

Yes! I wondered! Unlike me, she wasn't about to die! No agreement otherwise.

No, there never was meant to be one. Not for her. I brought her here for my own amusement. To see you die slowly, is worth the work. It doesn't stop there! There is so much I have planned for you Doctor!

Don't you -dare-...

Donna Noble, the last companion you traveled with. What if I brought back your first? The child of Gallifrey...

Said a voice. Donna Noble turned around, and before her, was a girl.

Why the worried face Doctor? If it were not for you, the Threshold of Infinity would cease to exist. Paradox.