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15 November 2009 @ 01:38 pm
Life on Mars.  
The Doctor jumped around the room, pressing buttons here and there, entering the coordinates to his next big location, just like his cheery old self. Like a kid at a candy shop! He vowed to himself, this time he would be careful, this time he'd really stay out of trouble, at all costs. So he sang, and danced, to the track (which he insisted) should be played over and over again. Which even the blue wooden box started to get annoyed of...

Don't give me that look! It's a classic!

~It is not the song that I mind, however, your singing...~

There's nothing wrong with my singing! ...Ask Farinelli.
He added proudly.

~Humans were always too kind...~

I'll pretend I didn't hear that. Oh, here comes the good bit! "Is there life on Maaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrs?"

He grinned cheekily at the console, and then they both knew, optimism was the best way to move on. The TARDIS had finally landed on the red planet. With the music now off, the Time Lord was left to explore by himself yet again. But if he had heard of the dangers to come, would time be rewritten?

music: David Bowie - Life On Mars?